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KB&A was founded in 1996 to support airlines and airports in improving their brands and the customer experience. The consulting firm now focuses especially on the digital experience and branding, and has an extensive background in B2C transformation, from aviation to academia, legal, retail, and events companies.


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Kathleen A. Boyd
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Debra Tholen
Sophie Bonifaz

Founder & CEO

Kathleen Boyd has more than 30 years of experience in aviation marketing, focusing on brand and the customer experience, beginning at Continental Airlines and most recently at Houston Airport System (with a sidestep to Rice University in between). Multilingual (English, Italian, French, Spanish), she has worked in 21 countries. She has run successful data-driven and customer-focused projects for many airline and airport clients, developing 8 new classes of airline service and 3 airport brand programs.

Head Consultant,

Customer Service

Debra Tholen has spent most of her career in aviation, and has deep experience in both airline and airport customer service. She honed her skills at Continental Airlines, where she provided financial and strategic oversight for the turnaround of Newark International Airport. as VP, Airport Services. She has consulted for 11 airports and airlines worldwide, is fluent in English and  Portuguese, and conversant in Spanish and Italian. She has an MBA in Finance, and is especially skilled at identifying and financially justifying industry leading process on behalf of the customer.

Head Consultant,

Digital Content

Sophie Bonifaz is a lifelong storyteller who has taken every opportunity to learn as much as possible about the craft. Sophie has an international network cultivated through her wide variety of roles for multicultural groups as well from her MSc from the University of York in the UK. A lover of cultural exchange and language, Sophie actively engages with diverse, innovative content to help her clients find the right voice for their audiences. She has lived in five countries (the United States, Mexico, France, England, and Canada), is a bilingual speaker of English and Spanish, and also speaks French.


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Kathleen Boyd & Associates

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